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Next Show Friday, May 6 • The Farm

28 Feb

Poetry Slam? Nope. Interpretive Dance? Always a possibility. Kick Ass Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Party That Will Melt Your Face Off? Pretty much. See ya there!


Month off to Write an Album

17 Feb

We’re taking this month off to head up to Woodstock, NY where we’re going to rent a house and write and record an album. Garth Hudson and Levin Helm said to keep the door open for them and Todd Rundgren is slated to produce. More, engineer, really, because we’ll probably produce it as a band. Jim James from My Morning Jacket is lending us some gear they locked up in storage after recording their last album nearby. We’ll be drinking copious amounts of wine and letting our freak flag fly. We currently have zero songs and are hoping to end up with 20 or so to choose from. Bob Dylan will probably stop by and Pete called Keith to see if he could do a backing vocal on a track.