we playa da gig saturday

19 Oct

we like to the play the music at the farm



Next Show Saturday, August 4 • Madfish Grille • 9PM

17 Jul

Hey folks – little late on the notice after our extensive tour of swanky no.shore par-tays but we’re putting on the full twangadelic spaceship show this saturday at madfish. complete with surfing raccoons. last show until mid-september and it kind of feels like fall is coming. so get your madfish on. see ya there!


Next Show • Saturday, June 30 • Rhumbline 9PM

27 Jun

Laying down the jams for the all-day drinkers, all-night partiers, and the general music-loving warriors of greasy pole nation. That means you.

Next Show • Friday, June 8 • Madfish • 9PM

4 Jun

madfish yo

Next Friday, May 18 at the Rhumbline

11 May

ImageHoly shiznats after what 6 years almost the band is getting dialed in. Come on down to gloucester’s only honky tonk, bring yer friends, stuff yer pockets, and boogie along with deadheads, hipsters, metalheads, and shitkickers. metalheads? yes, i’m talking to you. see ya friday.

Next Show • Saturday April 28 • Rhumbline 9PM

23 Apr

wow.  our website.  i suck.  always forget about you.  damn you facebook!  damn you!  see y’all saturday.


Next Show • Friday Jan. 20 • Rhumbline 9PM

9 Jan

Both the Mayan’s and Nostradamus predicted that LOCAL 28 will host a booty shakin’ psychedelic hoedown and rock n roll revue for the ages on 1/20/12. Oh, man, 20/12 in 2012? Far out!